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The diary, its history and benefits.

For thousands of years people of all types have been keeping a dairy for reasons of their own. A diary is a type of journal that the owner writes their daily activities, feelings, experiences, goals, challenges, and accomplishments in. A diary is meant to be private and not viewed by others unless invited to do so or passed on after the owner of the diary has passed away.

There are many benefits of writing in a diary that vary from a record of our daily activities to emotional stability. Some people write their daily events in their diary and never read those pages again, where others will return to the diary to reflect on previous days or years and the happenings of those days. Others may use a diary to write down their feelings of anguish or trauma as a therapeutic remedy. By writing down their words some are able to release some of the turmoil and stress and feel better by doing so.

Diary history began as far back as 1633 with Samuel Pepys. Samuel Pepys is the renowned 17th century diarist who lived in London. For thousands of years from George Washington to Anne Frank to Ronald Regan diaries have been a form of ledgering daily activities. Many diaries of notable figures have been published as autobiographical literature.

Whatever the reasoning, diaries have been around for centuries, beginning with paper and pencil. As years have evolved diary writers have turned from paper and pencil to diary books sold in stores for diary keeping specifically. As time passed and technology evolved people have turned to the internet to online diaries, also known as digital diaries, online journals, and sometimes even diary time capsules.

There are other forms of diaries such as travel journals, workout journals, sleep diaries, audio journals, and day books. It doesn’t matter what the terminology is, it all revolves around a person writing down their daily activities and thoughts in a place that it can be kept private and be there from them to return to if they choose to or to share with their family and friends.

When the idea of MyLifeHereOnEarth.com came to life we wanted individuals to be able to use our website as a diary or journal if they selected to. We understand the importance of privacy and security so we designed our website to store a person’s words and photographs on a web based application that will be stored forever. But our mission is to make sure that every person in the world that has an account on MyLifeHereOnEarth.com will always be remembered... never to be forgotten.